Client updates

We've updated all StaticCharge clients to version 0.7. This version includes NAT/IPMasq support, a new preferences window layout, and tooltips for just about everything. Please upgrade - older clients (0.4 and below) are no longer supported. The perl client now also supports NAT.

We're back online at the new location.

Everything got moved without anything catching on fire or exploding. At this time, the root servers haven't refreshed with the new information yet. As soon as that kicks in, all will be peachy again. Thanks for being patient in the meantme.

Scheduled downtime.

Just a heads up. We're moving the StaticCling server to a different backbone, sometime early Sunday morning. (We're looking at 1-3am PDT). The actual move should take less than 30 minutes, but we'll have to wait for the master nameserver record to expire and repropigate before lookups will function again. At the most, this should be around 12 hours or so of spotty behavior. Afterwards, all should be well again.