Client updates, new tidbits

Mac, OSX, and Windows clients all updated to 0.6. Clients can now automatically detect when they are outdated, they auto save settings on exit, and passwords are saved to disk using blowfish encryption. The GTK/perl clients have also been updated to 0.5 - all the same goodies, except for blowfish. Lets see, what else.... need to change your email address? You can now. There is also a 'misc' section on the left - poke around to find some spiffo wallpapers, and badges so you can link back to us in style.

Happy Birthday Static!

We're one year old today. Thanks to everyone who uses static, I love getting happy email. I'm going to go bake me up a cake now.

Status update

A few months have passed since the last posting - mainly because no news is good news. The system is running very smoothly - if it wasn't for a minor power outage in mid November, StaticCling would be boasting 6 months of consecutive uptime without service interruption. Thanks again to Rick at NetCon3 for the hosting.
\015\012It's too quiet out there! If you use the service, tell others! Lets pound the hell out of this box, it can take it. :)
\015\012The StaticCharge GTK client is now an official FreeBSD port. For the FreeBSD users out there, check under /usr/ports/net/staticcharge for GUI client goodness.